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Google AIY Course

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Module 1: Google AIY Voice

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Google AIY Course(Module 1: Google AIY Voice)

This course uses the Google AIY Project kit for teaching, allowing students to use the AIY Voice Kit to operate with the Raspberry Pi Linux environment and easily learn Linux commands, programming, and artificial intelligence technology. In the course, students will use Google AIY Voice Kit for voice commands, home-made music boxes, voice-controlled home decoration, and other smart products.

After completing the course, students can master:

  • Control of Raspberry Pi through basic Linux commands

  • Basic Python programming knowledge and operation

  • Knowledge of basic electronic parts

  • Artificial intelligence experience and operation

  • Receive commands via Google AIY

  • Respond to voice through Google AIY

  • Making a simple device for voice control and intelligent response

Course Features
  • Allows you to learn Linux commands and program with Python in 16 hours using the recently popular Google AIY artificial intelligence voice suite to master artificial intelligence technology. In the classroom, students aim at making inventions and applying them immediately after they learn the knowledge of artificial intelligence. Taking different STEM projects as the basis for learning and using more practical than theoretical, students will make different small projects/products in the classroom, so that they can remember and apply the learned knowledge vividly.


People interested in learning AI / Google AIY Voice Kit

People interested in STEM industry


8 lessons ( 2 hours per lesson)

2 months


Only participants with an attendance rate of 90% and participating in the Presentation Day will be awarded a certificate

Application Requirement
  • Students must have basic programming knowledge (text programming) or have studied visual programming (e.g. Scratch/Arduino/micro:bit)

  • Bring your own laptop (with Wi-Fi connection)

Tuition Fee

HK$5,850 (including Google AIY Voice Kit, basic electronic parts and all material packages, valued at $650)

Course Content

1. Basic Programming and Basic Knowledge of AI

  • Operating Linux commands on the Raspberry Pi environment

  • Basic Python programming

  • Meet artificial intelligence

  • Assemble Google AIY Voice Kit

  • Control Google AIY Voice Kit (wired control/wireless WIFI control)

  • Configure Google Assistant (Get Credential)

​2. AI: Voice Control Technology

  • Receive voice commands via Google AIY (English/Cantonese etc.)

  • Receive command control (learn the "voice-to-text" function)

  • Voice response via Google AIY (English/Cantonese etc.)

  • Voice response (learn the "text-to-speech" function, recording function)

​3. Smart Product Production (*Students must produce inventions for reporting)

  • Sound control homemade small windmill

  • Homemade music box

  • Voice Control Smart Home Decoration

4. Further Learning

  • Application of Internet of Things (remote WIFI control, IFTTT)

  • Control Smart Light/Socket Switch (Smart Home)

Class List

Google AIY Course (Voice Control)

Every Tuesday

Date: 2/6, 9/6, 16/6, 23/6, 30/6, 7/7, 14/7, 21/7 in 2020

Time: 19:30-21:30

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Why choose us?

Smarthon is a Cyberport Technology STEM product and training company that specializes in product development for STEM tools, especially micro:bit. It is different from general education centers since we have real product development experience. Therefore, we are very familiar with the common functions and features of micro:bit.


At the same time, our team has rich experience in training and teaching, knows the places that students do not understand. With over 5 years of STEM teaching-related experience, we have trained more than 100 teachers from different schools, including local and international schools, such as King's College, Ka Ling School Of The Precious Blood, Confucian Tai Shing Primary School, Island School, etc.

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