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SMARTHON Smart City IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit

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micro:bit Smart City Kit

Product Introduction

Smarthon Smart City IoT Starter kit is designed to introduce Internet of things (IoT). With basic knowledge of computing knowledge and electronics provided in the kit, you can be a city creator and build a unique IoT system in the city. Based on Smarthon IoT board, which is compatible with multiple sensors and actuators, you can design city features; for example: using sensors to detect traffic status and upload city information to the internet.

Quick Start Guide

File size: 1.9 MB


  1. WIFI module expansion board (OLED)

  2. Traffic light module

  3. WS2812 module (white light)

  4. 180-degree servo

  5. Distance sensor

  6. Light sensor

  7. Temperature and humidity sensor

  8. PIR sensor

  9. Rain sensor

  10. Sound sensor

  11. Button

  12. Smart City Map

The instruction manual is included with the kit, convenient for teachers and students to make.

Smarthon IoT:bit WiFi Expansion Board

The smart city kit works with Smarthon's IoT:bit WiFi extension board to create different IoT projects.

Smart City Projects

Have you ever imagined how to create your own smart city? This package can produce at least 11 smart city projects. The following are some reference examples. The scope of coverage can be divided into 5 categories, including automation, security, entertainment, personal wellness, and energy management.

Automatic Playground Lamp

When someone passes by, the playground lights will turn on automatically.

Noise Detector

Using sound sensors to detect noise in decibels.

Smart Anti-theft System

When a suspicious person passes by, an alarm system is automatically triggered.

Energy-saving Streetlight

Use the IFTTT platform to control the street light timer switch.

Smart Car Park Access Barrier

A distance sensor is used to detect the vacancy of the parking space. When the parking space is full, the brake lever will automatically fall to prevent the vehicle from entering.

Vehicle Speed Detector

Use a distance sensor to detect vehicle speed.

Smart Traffic Light

The light sensor can detect the traffic accident ahead, automatically coordinate the traffic light signal, and prevent the vehicle from moving forward.

Automatic Canopy System

With the rain sensor and 180-degree steering gear, the canopy is automatically opened when it rains.

Smart Garbage Disposal System

With the distance sensor and LED light, it shows the full load of the trash can.

Smart Observatory

Establish a small observatory to detect temperature and humidity.

Gate Password Switch

Use a mobile app to enter the password to open the door.

All accessories are for smart city learning. Mainly about the knowledge of a smart city, programming as the second priority. Cultivate students to improve their lives. Integrate STEM elements into regular courses. The package is designed with the curriculum as the main axis, mainly to learn the curriculum rather than other technical knowledge.​​

Complete teaching resources

Including lesson plan, teacher PPT, and student notes.

Product Features

Learning the knowledge of a smart city as the main focus

Simple programming

Use mainstream hardware Micro:bit motherboard, compatible with Micro: bit Makecode platform to facilitate teaching. The set is easy to use. The motherboard is a sensor computer, which directly reads the data. It is convenient to observe the data changes. A total of 13 kinds of sensors/drivers are enough to complete a variety of creative projects. The extension set includes 4 additional components.​​

Easy to use and learn

This course package uses "multiple sensor" and "multiple actuator". The set is easy to use. The mainboard is a sensor computer, which directly reads the data, which is convenient for observing the data changes.

Teaching Resources

Lesson Plan

The kit contains 8 detailed lesson plans and sets out the focus of each lesson's learning content, required materials, time distribution and teaching methods.

Teacher Teaching PPT

The PPT used by teachers can help them lead classroom processes and activities, reduce the burden of designing teaching materials, and make them better in STEM teaching.

Student Notes

Student notes include lesson learning and knowledge points with detailed experimental steps, making it easier for students to follow the course pace and revisit the content after returning home; at the same time, students can copy their own notes in the classroom to encourage them to study independently; There are also more challenging questions to cater for students of different levels.

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