The Grove Inventor Kit for Micro:bit brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit. The core board in this kit is the Grove shield for micro:bit v2.0, with which you can use plenty of Grove modules including sensors, display, actuator to interact with micro:bit. If you never used and have no idea what grove is, here is the introduction of Grove. All you need to know is that with Grove, there is no need of soldering or jump wires any more. Your prototyping will be easier and much more convenient.



  • Cool extension shield with rich and convenient peripherals;
  • 8 well selected Grove modules for working with micro:bit;
  • 12 awesome projects to let you get started quickly;
  • Well documented instruction.


12 Projects:

  • Control the Light

  • Sunshine micro:bit

  • LED Bar Controller

  • Music Player

  • Gesture Recognition

  • Smart Guard

  • Shake Counter

  • Ultrasonic Meter

  • Rainbow on The Desk

  • Guardians of The Secrets in Your Bag

  • Guardians of The Secrets in Your Room

  • Magic Musician


Introduction video:

Seeed Studio Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

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