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Microsoft Azure IoT Plant Kit

Build it yourself, managed, monitored and controlled on Microsoft Azure IoT Central with cloud computing.



Microsoft Azure IoT Plant Kit

Product Introduction

“Microsoft Azure IoT for Smarthon Plant Kit” is the first advanced kit to let your micro:bit connecting to Microsoft Azure cloud! The KIT is developed by Smarthon working with Microsoft and K-Solves. It is an advanced kit set go beyond with Wi-Fi ability! Let’s get started to the Real IoT world with cloud computing right now!

Getting Started

Quick Start Guide (NOT available right now)

File size: 1.4 MB

Kit Set Includes


1. BBC micro:bit main board

2. Core cloud main board - Multiple sensors

3. Multiple actuators

4. Connecting wire - 21cm long

5. Soil moisture sensor

6. LED grow light (purple)

7. USB Stand

8. USB Base (For LED grow light)

9. Water pump and pipe

10. Motor fan

11. Motor fan base

12. Humidifier

13. USB (for humidifier)

14. Cardboard

15. USB cable (for micro:bit main board)

Core Structure Diagram


The shield consists of a screen, a 3v/5v switch and a Wi-Fi module. The screen is indeed very useful as it shows the information like IP address and the battery status.


  • Wi-Fi cloud module

  • 128x64 OLED screen

  • Micro USB Direct energy supply

  • 3 data logging modes (SD card, Wi-Fi, USB)

  • Direct reading mode with NEXT Button

  • ALL-IN-ONE Sensors board

  • ALL-IN-ONE Actuators board

  • Sensors and actuators focusing on plant growth

  • Well cardboard wrapped

  • Microsoft Makecode platform


Functions and Benefits


Data Dashboard

  • Experience REAL IoT Platform to monitor and manage all your Internet of Things (IoT) assets

  • Get access to Wi-Fi and connect to the popular Microsoft azure cloud (Microsoft IoT Central)

  • Get the online fancy data dashboard for data analysis and nice presentation

Support Micro:bit PXT Platform​​

  • Get controlled on the plant from the cloud directly (Bi-directional)


Microsoft Flow (Cloud Computing)

  • Get access to powerful cloud computing tool, Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Team

  • Get access to all Microsoft IoT services such as Microsoft Team, office and all others including AI features like vision API

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