Smarthon Series

Sensors and Actuators

Build and play smart electronics with models easily

AIoT series modules

50+ Electronic Modules


Mix and match the electronic modules any way you want.

All functionalities as you needed.

Abstract Architecture

Support M4 Holes 


  • Standard hole size for fastening to mechanical parts

  • Install the modules on a model easily

  • No need to use any binding materials anymore

  • Great products final look

Support Both Direct Plug-in and External Wiring


  • All sensors and actuators are in 3 or 4 pins

  • Get your modules tested on the board immediately and easily

  • Direct combination of various modules

Abstract Architecture

Extension Wire


  • Easily extent the wiring

  • No need any other generic Dupont wire

  • Fit for building model

  • Focus on model building, design, and coding

  • Compatible with any 3 pin and 4 pin type of modules

Standard Colors for SVG


  • All sensors and actuators: Signal, voltage, ground (yellow, red, black)

  • All servo: Signal, voltage, ground (orange, red, brown)

  • Easy to learn electronics pin

Abstract Architecture

Fit models well

Smarthon Smart House Kit

Smarthon Smart Plant Kit

Smarthon Smart City Kit

Electronic Modules

Input Modules

Output Modules



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