The BBC micro:bit Starter Go Kit includes:

1. micro:bit main board x 1

2. USB wire x 1

3. Battery holder x 1

4. 3A battery x 2

5. Quick start guide


Basic information:

The micro:bit, measuring just 4cm by 5cm, is a stripped down computer which children can use to code and create anything they set their minds to! It’s intended as a starter device to give children a basic introduction to physical computing and tinkering, so that they can move on to using more advanced devices such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


Key features:

  • A display consisting of 25 red LEDs;
  • Two programmable buttons;
  • An on-board motion sensor or “accelerometer”;
  • A built-in compass or “magnetometer”;
  • Bluetooth Smart Technology;
  • Three input and output (I/O) rings.

BBC micro:bit Starter Go Kit

HK$154.00 一般價格
  • Please contact/whatsapp us at 5707 0679 or email at or click here to submit a form

  • 於本公司首次購買microbit, 即享9折優惠到校教師培訓2小時, 詳情請向我們查詢。





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