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Smarthon IoT Bit is an IoT orientated expansion board for Micro:bit. With the help of this, Micro:bit able to connect to different sensors or actuators without welding and start to use the internet services.


  • The Most powerful IoT chip ESP32 embedded for micro:bit

  • Exchangeable wireless modular design (ESP8266, ESP32, BLE)

  • Integrated OLED and Onboard buzzer embedded

  • Extended I/O port x13, I2C port x2 from mirco:bit with GVS socket

  • Extended Servo port x3 from ESP module

  • Various types of power supply (USB, 3.7V lithium battery, 6V Normal battery)

  • Extra Port: Crocodile Pin, Quick Access Port and 4-Pin Port for different usage


Product size: 75mm X 65mm X 20mm
PCB thinkness: 1.5mm
Hole diameter: 4mm


Product Option:

Smarthon iot:bit Starter Go Kit: Include iot:bit, battery holder, usb, battery x4

Smarthon iot:bit Classroom Club SET include iot:bit x10, battery holder x10, usb x10, battery x40

IoT:bit - IoT Expansion Board for micro:bit


    microbit kit set