Basic Introduction:

WiFi-IoT-Robotic shield that will extend the capabilities of the micro:bit. Start with real IoT and cloud-based projects!




What we provide?

We are not just selling product! we provide below for free!

  • Technical support
  • Courseware advice


Muselab accessories:

It is a core product main board from Muselab. There are other accessories fit with this core board!


1. Muse21 (Sensors and acuuators set): Play different IoT projects with different sensors and actuators.

2. Muse Mechanical Set 3 in 1: Play some basic Lego with 3 models!

3. Muse Rover set: Play with the car set!

4. Muse Robotic Arm: Play with the robotic arm set!



It is a latest version. It support both USB direct port and charing battery.


If you have any enquires, Feel free to contact us!

Muselab Booster




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